About Us

He was born with fiery red fur and pointy ears. He inspired his master to bet on red for a whole evening at the casino, and this resulted in massive winnings which were more than enough to start a new casino. His name is Red, and he is the first and the only dog in the entire world who owns a real entertainment facility. Well, at least he thinks that he owns it, and we just can’t bring ourselves to tell him the truth!


Red fully realizes the importance of his role in the enterprise, and he also knows that his wet nose and wriggling tail bring luck. Give him a scratch behind the ear, and see how your win rate skyrockets just like that! Red loves it when humans pet him, and he loves it even more, when they join his casino, so don’t hesitate to try it! Red will appreciate your efforts with a hearty bark and a generous offer.

Play from Any Device

Do dogs like mobile devices? I’ve undertaken some research on that topic and found out that we do! I, for one, can swipe on four gadgets at the same time with my four cute red paws. And I still have my wet cold nose free! I bet you can enjoy portable devices too, my hooman friend, and so I’ve made my casino fully mobile compatible! Grab your Android, iPhone or whatever you have, and let’s play!

Download the Casino Software

I’m gonna tell you a big secret now. I have a surprise for my special friends who want to make their casino experience even more exciting. If you really like playing with me, you can download my casino software! I’ve developed it with these very paws, and by using it you can enjoy even more games! Download the Casino client today and have some fun!

REDDOG for WIndows

for windows 7 and later

Daily Bones

As a co-owner of the casino, Red is completely absorbed in his work, and he doesn’t even have a minute to spare! But when he hears that a player wants to be perfectly entertained, you can bet he will drop everything and rush to them with a great daily bonus!

Games From Red

Red has spent days and nights looking for the software developer that would meet your needs. So far, he’s managed to dig out the best of Real Time Gaming. But his search is still going on, and new titles monthly appear on the website. What a hardworking little doggie Red is, huh?

24/7 Assistance

Customer agents at Red Dog are constantly monitored by Red and his associates. They make sure you receive quality assistance around the clock via email, live chat, and phone.

Fast Payments

Red loves it when you win and hates it when you have to wait for a long time to withdraw your money. So, he has created a unique modern system which makes your payouts fast and secure.